Prevention Is The Best Medicine For Marathon Training Injuries

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How can I prevent injuries while training for a marathon?

Prevention Is The Best Medicine For Marathon Training Injuries

Ideally, runners can build up their mileage and train for a marathon with no injuries. In reality, injuries happen, even to the most careful and well-conditioned runners. But you can reduce your risk of injury and reduce the severity of the injury with some preventive tips:

  • Check your shoes (and orthotics): Don't train in worn-out shoes. Be sure to replace your shoes after 300-500 miles, depending on when you notice significant wear or any foot or leg pain. Even if you think that your shoes look and feel great, retire them at 500 miles. When you try on a new pair, you'll notice the difference. Many knee, hip, and back problems (as well as foot problems) are caused by poor foot alignment, which can occur when your shoes are worn out or because you need orthotics.
  • Cross train: See the section on cross training tips for ways to keep your muscles strong and balanced.
  • Rest: Don't forget to factor in a rest day each week so your muscles and joints can to recover from your tough training days.



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