Tights, Or Not So Tight

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What types of running pants should I buy?

Tights, Or Not So Tight

When it’s cold, running tights are a runner’s best friend, especially if you are out for two hours on a long training run. But if you don’t feel comfortable in body-hugging tights, don’t despair. Most manufacturers offer several styles of running pants, including boot-cut and wide-leg styles. But the same principle holds true for running pants as for shorts; excess fabric can bunch up and cause chafing. Try on running pants on with your running shoes to be sure that your boot legs or wide legs aren't dragging on the ground, where you might trip on them.



2/3/2010 3:54:34 PM
XC Mom said:

All the girls (and guys) on the high school XC team wear baggy running shorts over their tights. Comfy and less revealing!

2/16/2010 5:54:25 PM
Heidi said:

That's what we did in high school, which for me was back when running tights were first invented (in the 80s). In college, the girls started ditching the shorts and just wearing the tights, but most of the guys stuck with the shorts on top.

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