Stay Motivated By Enjoying The Journey

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How can I stay motivated during marathon training?

Stay Motivated By Enjoying The Journey

Some beginning marathoners are motivated by a cause and they are running and raising money for a charity. Others simply see it as a personal challenge. Regardless of your reason for running a marathon, staying motivated during long runs can be hard, especially if its cold, or raining, or if you have had a long week.

If you like to listen to music, bring your favorite tunes, with you, but please don't tune out your surroundings; you still need to watch for traffic or other hazards when running. Running with a group or even one training partner also boosts motivation, and talking to fellow runners helps the miles go by remarkably quickly. Or, use the time to clear your head and review issues from your work or personal life and think about pleasant events to come, such as your non-running weekend plans or your next vacation. Remind yourself (as often as necessary) that you will enjoy the experience and look forward to the accomplishment of completing a marathon.



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