Bring Extra Warmup/Cooldown Clothes For Weather Changes

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What additional clothes should I bring to the marathon?

Bring Extra Warmup/Cooldown Clothes For Weather Changes

Wear warm-up clothes before the start of the marathon, and pack them in a bag that you can check or leave in your car so you can put on something warm and dry after the race. Depending on the marathon, you may or may not be in a place where you can change your clothes, but swapping a sweaty shirt for a dry one on a hot day or putting a fleece top over your race shirt on a cold day will make you more comfortable on the way home.

Even though you have chosen your likely clothing for the marathon, bring other options in case of a sudden weather change. If you think that you will wear a long-sleeved shirt, bring a short-sleeved shirt, too, and vice versa. You can pack anything you don’t wear in a bag to check at the start or leave in your car. If you have space in your bag, bring an extra pair of shoes and socks. Your feet will thank you if you can slip them into something different after several hours of running in the same pair of shoes. Although the moisture-wicking socks should keep your feet dry, it feels great to put on a different pair of socks to travel home. Also, if you have developed a blister or a black toenail or some other foot problem, putting on different shoes and socks to travel home will provide some relief until you can take care of the problem.



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