Running Sock Tips

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Running Sock Tips

Most of us devote many hours to the selection of a new running shoe, but buy our running socks as an afterthought. And that's a mistake, because your shoes and socks are a team. Here are a few tips on selecting the right running socks for you:

• Seams. Look for socks that don't have seams that will chafe your toes. Cheap socks almost always have a prominent seam that can cause real problems after only a few miles.

• Thickness. Be consistent with the thickness of the socks you buy. Ultra-thin or ultra-padded running socks can result in effectively changing your shoe size.

• Fabric. Choose socks made with a synthetic fiber that wicks moisture away from your feet. Your feet will be more comfortable.

• Fit. Running socks are designed to fit a range of shoe sizes. To avoid blisters, select a size that doesn't leave extra fabric clumped around your feet and toes.



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