Where to Buy New Running Shoes

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Where to Buy New Running Shoes

The best prices on running shoes are generally at the big online and catalog retailers. And the most convenient place to try them on is often at the big sporting goods chains or mall athletic shoe stores. But when you're buying a new model of shoe, neither of those options is a good choice.

When you have to go to a new model of shoe – such as when a favorite has been discontinued – your best bet is to visit a running specialty shop. While the specialty shop's inventory can't be as large as at the big catalog retailers, you may be pleasantly surprised at the variety of options they offer. And you can't try on a picture in a catalog.

The mall stores and sporting goods chains often have a very limited selection of running shoes, and the staff is rarely equipped to help you select the right running shoe.

Running specialty stores usually carry a wider selection of shoes - such as narrow running shoes - and their employees are usually runners themselves. Most of them know a great deal about running shoes. It's here that you'll have the best chance of selecting the optimum shoe.

(Note: “If you try the shoe there, buy the shoe there.”)



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