Racing Etiquette

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Racing Etiquette

When you attend your first race, much will be new. Here are a few tips to make getting along with more experienced runners – and race officials - easier:
• It isn't “cool” to start near the front of the pack… it's an inconvenience at best, and potentially dangerous. Slower runners who insist on taking a place near the front of the pack cause bottlenecks that result in injuries.
• Don't cut in front of someone at a water station and then slow down or stop. Most experienced runners continue running as they drink, and you may cause an injury or get run over.
• On an out-and-back course – especially if there's a narrow section, as in many trail races – runners still on their way out should yield to runners returning from the halfway point.
• When passing a slower runner, be sure you have at least one full stride between you before cutting back in.
• Timing chips are not souvenirs.
• Never run wearing another person's bib number.



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