Running Habits to Adopt and Avoid

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Running Habits to Adopt and Avoid

Okay, you've got your jogging shoes and a simple outfit you're comfortable running in. While it may not have occurred to you before, running is actually a complex activity. Whether or not you stick with your new activity may depend on the habits you do or don't pick up in your first few weeks. Here's quick list to help make your running experience more enjoyable:
• DO start slowly. Your training pace should allow you to carry on a conversation while you're moving. If you can't talk and run at the same time, slow down.
• DO set goals. Select a short race to run within a few months. Fit it into your overall annual running plan. Occasional races help give greater meaning to your goals.
• DO celebrate milestones. Reward yourself for accomplishments such as your first five-mile run, completing your first 100 miles, etc. Even a small reward – like a favorite candy bar – can keep your motivation alive.
• DON'T beat yourself up if you miss a day. It's just one day. Take a 12-step approach, and run one day at a time.
• DON'T push yourself too hard. Expecting too much too soon sets you up for failure. Set realistic goals, and adjust them for when life intrudes on your activity.
• DON'T “run through the pain.” Serious pain usually indicates a serious problem… and if that problem is structural, running will only make it worse. Anything beyond the normal soreness and stiffness associated with taking up a vigorous activity should be taken seriously.



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