The Running Experience

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The Running Experience

If you haven't run seriously before, you probably don't know exactly what to expect from your running. There will be new experiences, and the person in those jogging shoes is going to change.
• Early on, you'll probably run out of breath during your runs. Don't worry; it's normal. And it will get better.
• You may also experience “side-stitches” and muscle soreness. This, too, is normal, and will also disappear as your body becomes accustomed to its new routine.
• You'll probably get thinner – even if you don't lose much weight. Muscle is denser than fat. As they lose fat and build lean muscle mass, some new runners experience relatively little weight loss. But it's likely you'll need to buy smaller clothes.
• You'll probably feel happier, too. Vigorous exercise like running releases endorphins into your body, producing the “runner's high.”
• You're likely to get sick less often. A fit body means a fit immune system.



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