Getting Started Running

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Getting Started Running

Other than running shoes, you probably already own everything you need to get started. Slip on a t-shirt, a pair of loose-fitting shorts, socks and a sturdy pair of jogging shoes, and you're ready to start on a lifetime activity that not only promotes excellent health, but also does it at a bargain price.

The secret is to start slowly. Don't try to run 10 miles the first time you go out… you'll almost certainly become discouraged, and sore. For your first few weeks, choose routes that allow you to walk home from any point easily – in case you become tired or sore.

Start with a short route – allowing yourself to walk whenever you become tired – and gradually increase the distance – not more than 5% per week. If you don't overdo it early on, you're more likely to stick with your new activity “for the long run.”



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