Be Prepared for the Weather

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Be Prepared for the Weather

Many marathons are run during the times of year that weather is most unpredictable. A race may start with temps in the 40's and end with temps in the 70's. Bring inexpensive gloves and a long-sleeved t-shirt or light sweatshirt you won't mind losing. If need be, you can start the race warm enough, and shed the extra layers as the day warms up. A light, crushable hat will not only help keep your head warm, but can help prevent sunburn.

Rain creates its own special considerations. Your body chills more quickly in a cool rain. A waterproof and breathable suit – such as those made with Goretex treated fabric – can help keep you comfortable. Be particularly aware of the socks you wear during rainy weather. Heavy socks – especially those made from cotton – can sag and bunch when wet, causing serious blister problems.



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